Monday, November 5, 2012

Trick or Treating Mississippi style.

On Saturday night, we went down to Mississippi to spend some time with C's family, trick or treat at "Grandmommy's" house, and celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday. It was such a fun night with cousins! Here's our little monkey ready to go to the front door to trick-or-treat.

 Here he is with his cousin N getting ready to get some candy from Grandmommy. Mr. C's family isn't big on being on the internet, so I tried to keep pictures of the back of kids' heads.

Brightly decorated porch!

Yummy! Gotta love that candy!

The cousins swarming the bowl!

This was too cute not to post, so she can get mad at me if she wants. Here is Micah & Mr. C's mom.

 After our brief "trick or treating" at Grandmommy's house we went down to the state park nearby to play games, do the cake walk, enjoy a costume contest, participate in a hay ride, and trick-or-treat at the campgrounds.

I've never trick-or-treated at some camp grounds before, but man! They went all out with their decor.
Micah didn't like being told he couldn't get down.

It was really cold on the hay ride, so we stayed bundled up.

Of course, Micah is able to find a stuffed anything wherever he goes!

We had a great night!

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