Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh my goodness.

So two weeks from today I go back to work. Which means I am in full out Teacher Get Ready Back To School Mode. Yes, it is such an intense time. It does deserve all capital letters.

Can I say how much I am hearting Target's dollar spot for back to school teacher goodies? And how much I am loving Dollar Tree? Good-bye, Knowledge Tree! I think you have some price beating to do.

At any rate, we had my college roommate, her husband, and their son in town this past weekend. I have 200 pictures that my silly photography obsessed husband took. Yes, I said 200. Why did he do that? We only gave them tours of Memphis which, I assure you, is not 200 picture worthy. Nevertheless, as I dig through those this week, I plan to give some fun blog posts so come back soon.

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