Monday, July 11, 2011

A tale of four cars.

So you've heard of A Tale of Two Cities, right? I vaguely remember reading it in high school, but that title popped into my head as a good rip off of what has happened to us this weekend/today. This is a pictureless post, but I'll try to make it peppy regardless of the lack of photos.

My car died in my parents driveway two weeks ago, and we took it to be fixed by my father-in-law down in Mississippi. He can work magic on cars (for FREE), but he also works full time. Sometimes fixing cars by him can take a while although we are so thankful he is willing to take his weekends to work on our cars for FREE. This definitely comes in handy for many, many reasons. At any rate, leaving it down there isn't that big of deal because I'm not working & the hubs is off during the day. So basically, we are just a one car family for a couple of weeks. Micah's been sick anyway, so we've been here.

My car was finally (almost) fixed, and we were supposed to go get it on Friday. Things came up (not going to bore you) so we didn't get down there. My in laws left for vacation, so the plan was to drive down today by ourselves in my husband's truck & pick up my car from their house.

Notice, I said those crazy little words: the plan was. Plans. Yeah, they can change very quickly can't they? Yesterday as I stepped in my hub's truck to run out to get the Sunday paper at Walgreens for couponing purposes I discovered the car wouldn't crank.


Fast forward through lots of boring details to this morning when my sister graciously picked me up in my father's car. The plan was to drop her at work, use my dad's back up car to get to Mississippi, pick up my car, return dad's car to sister, and return home. Side note: You see, my sister's car was in a wreck a month ago & the insurance company from the driver that hit her has yet to settle things. So she is borrowing my parents' extra car to get around in the mean time until the insurance totals out her car. It was a five car wreck, and apparently these things take more time the more cars involved. Luckily, everyone involved was safe.

Well. As soon as I backed out of my sister's workplace with my nephew headed towards my parents' house the back up car started acting strange. I barely made it to my parents' house where it proceeded to die in the driveway. Thankfully I did make it to my parents' house. I could just imagine me & my two-year-old nephew walking down the road to my parents' house. See, I've also lost my cell phone.

So, if you are keeping track that would be Car 1 was in a wreck. Car 2 (mine) is down in Mississippi after dying a couple weeks back. Car 3 (hubs) died last night in garage. Car 4 (parents' back up car) died on me this morning.

It's no wonder my mom said, "Maybe you shouldn't drive my car today because the way you're going it will die, too." Isn't life just so much fun sometimes?? Ah, well. It could be worse. It could always be worse. Here's hoping for a better rest of the week.


  1. Yeah, I am with your mom! I think you need to stay out of cars for a while =)

  2. What a nightmare, though that superpower might come in handy someday:-)