Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hand, foot, and mouth.

Well it is official. We have our first illness for Micah on our hands, and any good mom would blog it including future embarrassing pictures that I may get in trouble for one day. Haha! On Thursday, Mr. C commented that Micah had been fussy all day, hadn't slept, and a weird extreme diaper rash had suddenly appeared from the time I'd left Micah at his Kay Kay's until I got home. By the time I got home Thursday evening, Micah had some dots on his legs. Mr. C went to bed early (since he depends on Micah's naps for his battery recharge). By 5:45 PM Micah was extremely cranky, wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink his milk, and pointed at his bed! (No lie!)

So at 5:45, I put the little man to bed, and he woke up a couple of times screaming. Thankfully, he slept through the night, but when he'd wake up he was inconsolable except to point to his bed. (Precious, yet also sad.) Then Friday morning he woke up with a swollen eye, sores on his face, a sore on his nose, and that same diaper rash. I took him to my mom so she could look him over, and we were both concerned. I went to work (because I had to), and C ended up taking Micah to the doctor later that day. I was surprised to hear he had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Frankly, I have no idea where he got it since he isn't in daycare, but I guess the church nursery is just as good of place as any, huh?

Due to his contagious state, we will be quarantined this weekend. That means no church nursery night, no church Christmas party, no church, no Confident family reunion on my husband's side of the family, no Living Nativity (a Christmas tradition from my church I grew up in), no youth pancake breakfast, no Christmas pictures...maybe God is telling me to slow down.

He has a horrid rash on his backside, legs, sores on his nose, hands, and in his mouth. All around he is a pretty miserable little guy. No fever--yet. He's irritable, but since I have the Disney World of babies (he's easy)...we're doing pretty well considering. I posted some (horrible) pics below of his legs and his poor face. I realize the quality stinks, but at least we have it documented for when I'm 95 and want to reread this. =)

Maybe I can weed through these large amounts of Micah's birthday party pics so I can finally post about that. I have some other things to catch up on blog post wise, too. It may be nice to sit in our pjs this weekend.


  1. Hey L! I have another friend whose son has the same thing, and he has one thing in common with your M--likes to keep fingers in mouth. She said he got huge blisters all in his mouth, and as a result, will not suck on his fingers anymore. :o) So, it could be a blessing. :o)

  2. Ouch! I'm sorry to see he's sick! B had the same thing a month ago. Apparently, there was a huge outbreak in our area. Her rash was not as wide-spread, but it was still sad. It was also really kind of nice to have a cuddly toddler for a few days. :) I did, however, struggle with the lack of sleep at night. I hope he recovers quickly!

  3. Oh, Mrs. Carole...he is still sucking away at those fingers. It would take a miracle for that to end. Kelly, I'm so sorry B had it, too! It's icky, but Micah has been a trooper. He's been fussy, but he's slept at least!