Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jenny & Ted come to visit!

In July, one of my best friends and roommate from college, Jenny came to visit. She married her husband Ted about a month after Mr. C & I got married. So we've known them as a couple their entire married life. We've gone down to Georgia several times to visit them, but this time they came to see us! So we got to take them on a tour of Memphis. It was my first time to meet their son, Ian. It was their first time to meet our son, Micah. Lots of fun was had by all!

We went to the zoo because it is a must see for any Memphis tour.
Daddy and Micah monkeyed around.
Micah said prayers to Buddah (sp?). Just kidding! We only pray to Jesus in this house.
Ian ran the streets!
Mommy took Micah on his first carousel ride.
We tried to convince polar bears to come swim for us.
They wouldn't.

We enjoyed watching Ian and Jenny ride the carousel, too.
After our zoo trip, we took the boys (without naps--yikes!) to eat at Rendezvous.
Note to self: Rendezvous is NOT kid friendly. Nor stroller friendly. Nor tourist friendly.

We were not impressed.
So after our horrid lunch (I mean, there was no other name for it), we tried to salvage the downtown leg of our tour with a trolley ride!

It was a hit.
Jenny with Ian.
The mommies with the boys.
As you can see, it was mid July in Memphis.
That means, it was hot. We were sweaty. And we had only done outdoor activities for the entire day. Also, getting kids to look at the same time as adults...

Doesn't happen.
This is probably our very best picture ever together. Haha!
The boys having fun looking out at the surroundings. Micah was just starting to stand by himself here. Mommy realized she'd never wear this fat roll showing shirt again after these pictures. And I need a haircut. Still haven't done that.
Ted liked to amuse himself.
Daddy played with Micah.

Micah got really sleepy and curled up with Mommy.
Then he looked out with Daddy.
Then he curled up with Daddy.

So the boys were definitely exhausted after all this fun. So we decided to head back to Casa Confident and the hotel to give the kiddos naps for part 2 of our tour.

Micah didn't not nap. Neither did Ian. =/

After the fake naps, we took our friends down to one of Memphis' jewels...Harbor Town to visit the Mississippi River. We walked along the river walk.
Pretended like we lived in San Francisco...
Took some typical Memphis shots with the "M" bridge in the background.
Enjoyed a sunset.
And marveled at God's beauty in creation.
It was so great to see our friends! I hope we don't go two years again without seeing each other!

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