Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We've officially got a toddler.

This morning Micah and I were out bright and early for a doctor's appointment. It went a bit long, and we had some errands to run, too. He missed his nap this morning, so he was exhausted by this afternoon at 1 PM. In fact, he's taking a second nap as I type! (He went down at 4:30.)

When he finally awoke from his "first nap" I noticed he was snuggled up with his bear. He's got a womb bear that I used to use to put him to sleep when he was really, really little. It's still in his bed, and lately I've noticed him cuddling up with it to fall asleep. I've never really gotten a picture of the little guy snuggling with his bear.
So I saw he was giving the bear some loving, and I ran out of the room to get the camera. When I came back he was absolutely upset that I wasn't there. Thus the screaming picture. One day I'll get him snuggling with his bear with a happy face.
Mommy, please pick me up and stop taking my picture!!
We've also got some really big news. Micah is officially a toddler today. Last night I mentioned in my post that he walked across the entire living room. Well, today was his day of freedom. He's barely crawled today, and he spent most of the day toddling around the house.

(Please ignore his Urkel rolled up pants. They are a bit too big for him, so I rolled them up so he wouldn't trip over his clumsy feet.)
He enjoyed some time playing with the dogs this afternoon.
He absolutely loves "Cop Cop" and was giving him some hugs!
There is nothing like a boy and his dogs.
Even if Mommy really would get rid of them if she could and was an evil person. But I don't have it in my heart to get rid of them, so I just tolerate them instead.
Big boy!
I can't believe my little boy is growing up so fast!!

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