Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fun in a box.

Normally, I would not share these pictures because I find them rather embarrassing of me. First of all, I'd gotten home from work to find my hubby had purchased our Christmas tree. He was putting it up, and the box was out. So I put Micah in the box to see what would happen.

I still had my school shirt, but I changed into comfy pj pants. I pulled back my hair in a ponytail, and my makeup had long since faded. Unfortunately, I have these crazy baby bang Farrah Fawcett flyaways right now...but I digress.

There is something about the way my husband (trained photographer) can catch an image in time. His pics look so much better than mine. So I had to blog these even though I'm embarrassed about how I look in them. I still love how they turned out. They are raw, family photos, but that is ok. The blog should all be posed, perfect photos.

Here is our fun time in the box. How could you resist this cutie?
Mommy & Micah & the box.
What else makes a box fun? A remote control of course!
Time to stand in the box!
Playing pass the remote control back and forth with Mommy.
I love him so much, and I just love how he looks at me. Cool, yet scary at the same time. And is it just me, but do we look alike? Sometimes I don't think we look alike. Other times, I think he looks a lot like me. Something about this double profile shot or something.
Here's the remote, Mommy. You're turn.

Oh how I love these boys in my life!

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