Saturday, April 7, 2012

An Easter egg hunt at church.

This weekend was the Easter egg hunt at our church's ball field. Daddy was sleeping after a long night at work, so I headed over to meet up with my sister, mom, and Ebin to try to hunt Easter eggs.

Keren & Ebin

Ebin running around looking for some eggs!
Mommy & Micah (unfortunately with his eyes closed)
Micah, me, Ebin, and Keren about to hunt some eggs.

This picture just makes my heart happy and sad at the same time! He's growing up so quickly, and he looks like a little boy to me in this picture instead of my baby.

We attempted to get some shots of KayKay with the grandkids. (As you can see, Micah is in the background & Ebs wasn't excited about pictures.)
We keep trying, but it was unsuccessful.
Do you want to know what toddlers and preschoolers do at an Easter egg hunt?
Here ya go.

I will say this picture cracks me up, and Micah ran around calling all the Easter eggs, "Ball! Ball!" Then he'd throw them in the air. Not much collecting was done. =)
Ebin running fast trying to get some eggs!
Ebin, Keren, KayKay (my mom), Micah & Mommy
We had a great time at the Easter egg hunt! I love that churches minister to the community through fun events like this. It is a great outreach to those around us.

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