Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter morning.

Easter morning was spent together attending our church. We got up early and headed to the eight am Easter service. Every Easter we drive to Mississippi to see Mr. C's family, and it is a long drive. If we go to church early, we get out early for the drive.

We enjoyed an awesome service filled with amazing worship music and a blessed sermon! I just love church, and I love Easter morning!
After we attended the church service, we stopped by our preschool department to see if they needed any nursery workers for the second hour. By that hour it was starting to get crowded so my friend Holly told us they could use us. We picked up Micah, took him to the toddler room with us, and helped a precious older couple watch eight precocious eighteen month olds! =)

Our family, Easter 2012.
Micah, 16 months old.
Hope you had a blessed Easter!

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