Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some of life's moments.

Some of life's moments aren't blogged.

They are fleeting, passing by in one blink of one eye.

A laughter of a son as he runs from his mother in the backyard.

The heartfelt squeal of delight as she helps him slide again & again while her husband grills dinner.

These are the moments I want to bottle up and cherish forever.

Some of life's moments aren't blogged.

The horror of a mother as she tries to keep her precious son from stepping in the dog's "leftovers" when she realizes it is too late.

The strange look upon the barefoot toddler's face at why she was saying, "Stop! Stop!"

These are the moments, funny and gross as they may be, I want to bottle up and cherish forever.

Some of life's moments aren't blogged. 

A toddler splashing in the tub, filling up a cup with water over and over again. 

Bubbles, bubbles. Laughter. And yes, a tantrum when the once ecstatic baby is taken from his water wonderland.

These are the moments, when you wonder what kind of discipline should be starting to do for that tantrum, that I want to bottle up and cherish forever.

How can I describe the joy that is in my heart tonight?

I can't.

It's in the laughter of my son. It is in his squeal of delight. And yes, it is in the look of utter disgust on his face (and mine!) when he stepped in doggie leftovers. It's in the utter amazement as we hear him mimic another word from our lips. ("Did he just say--?!?" is a frequent conversation these days.) It's in the wonderful dinner being grilled outside by my husband on the patio in amazing weather. It is in the conversation with my best friend as we play with that perfect miracle God blessed us with. It's in the journey I'm on with this man to raise that boy to the best of my ability.

My heart is full.

My heart is blessed.

I am overjoyed by so many little things that I can't just blog about with a picture. Instead, I thought I'd just write & share.

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