Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday brain dump.

Wow! Blogging sure has taken a backseat to so many things. I apologize, but we've been sick (again) for most of this week.

1. I have to tell you, this week had rocked my mommy world. Micah seems to be coming into his own personality where he definitely knows what he wants and doesn't want. With that comes a little bit of tantrum mixed with attitude. He's teething and getting four two year molars in at the same time! That might attribute a bit to the utter defiance lately. He's also been extremely congested. So much so, we took him back to the doctor on Monday. Immediately he was put on antibiotics (sixth round in six weeks), Zyrtec, and Singular. Man! He's not his normal self.  I was hoping his sinful nature wouldn't appear for another couple of months, but seems it is here loud and clear leaving me pondering a few things. Overall, he is the happiest, sweetest little child, but man! Diaper and clothing changes have become a huge battle for us in the mornings.

2. This week started out great, and I had high expectations for the beginning of my 5K training group mixed with the start of my new healthy living Bible study at church. I worked out on Monday with my 5K training group (ten ladies showed up!), walked Tuesday night with a friend from my old church, and was super excited about my new Wednesday Bible study called First Place 4 Health. It is a weight loss program that encouraged Biblical & healthy living. I'm doing it with a lot of my MOPS girls from church and some other ladies that I'm hoping to get to know.

3. Around nine in the morning on Wednesday, I had a horrid headache so I drank a coke (the first in four days!) just to see if I could get some relief. No relief. By noon, I almost doubled over in stomach pain suddenly which has not been a problem since starting my Shakeology. (I have a long history of colon fun, and this shake has really made me feel tons better with my digestive track! I'm hoping I'll start to also see some weight loss results soon.) By two or three in the afternoon, I could barely walk around my classroom. Everything ached down to my pinkie toe.

4. I made it home, and ignoring my aching body, I somehow loaded Micah up and headed to church. I wanted to go to my new Bible study! By the end of Bible study, my face was heating up, I was ridiculously hot, and I tried to rush home to check my temp after meeting everyone and doing my weigh in.

5. After a desperate stop at McD's (yes, after a healthy Bible study meeting! I'm horrible, but I felt awful and needed quick sustenance), I got home to put Micah in bed and check my temp. was 101! Yikes!! I was shocked! I ended up calling in sick to work Wednesday night, calling my principal, and writing some sub plans. In the end after a visit to the doc the next morning, I found out I have strep throat. So I've been off on Thursday and Friday and I'm absolutely exhausted! This little rambunctious toddler has not let up, and my husband sleeps during the day so I'm about spent Mommy wise. Thankful that today's second round of antibiotic seems to have kicked in. My throat isn't feeling nearly as badly as it did yesterday.

Not sure what the weekend holds for the Confident family. I would hope that we can enjoy regular weekend activities, although I'm thinking about just laying low and enjoying some rest as I recover from this strep.

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