Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An evening with the family.

This post is a little old, but better late than never. Last week, we took a walk at a wonderful nearby park. Mr. C and I are trying to get back into our high mileage walks. It makes for great family time, and it is great for our health.

I have to say, Colorado may be full of mountains but Tennessee has some amazing sunsets.

After our walk, we headed to one of those frozen yogurt bar places for a treat.

Micah & I shared some Lucky Charms flavored yogurt! It was amazing, and it tasted just like eating a bowl of LC cereal. 

Daddy went for the red velvet cake with white chocolate chips.

His hair is kind of crazy, but the more life goes on...the more he looks like a little boy!

Gotta love a PicStitch every so often. Yogurt and family time is good for our soul. 

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