Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Micah's first day of "school" (Mother's Day Out).

Today was a very big day at Casa Confident! It was Micah's first day of "school" at our church. He started Mother's Day Out!

Of course, I took photos of it from beginning to end. I mean, every major milestone must be marked on the blog, right? Apparently, he's starting to get annoyed by this.

I can't believe my sweet, sweet boy is so old! 

We ate our Chex and yogurt for breakfast complete with milk.

So I saw this cute idea on Pinterest where you type up a sign for the milestone, and then you have your child hold up the sign. The following pictures are all the many things that can happen with your sign besides your child actually holding it up for a first day photo.

First, you can take the sign, throw it down in the grass, and play in the mulch instead.

Then you can stand at the head of the sign. At least he is almost looking at me, and I can kind of read the words on the sign. (This is probably one of the best pictures, honestly.)

Sometimes, it is much more fun to take the sign, grab some mulch, and use it to transport dirt. All the while you are screaming at Mommy, "Look! Look!" I mean, who wouldn't be proud of your newfound dirt transporter?

Look at how well it holds all your treasures!

Sometimes, dirt holding isn't all it is cracked up to be. In these instances, you decide to use the imagination! Let's turn a big stick into a pen and "draw" on the sign.

ADT signs always make cute backdrops for first day school photos.

Did Micah mention you can also hold rocks with a sign?

I just have to tell you that this photo shoot kind of sums up our lives these days. Micah is just this busy, and sometimes I don't have photos for the blog because he won't be still! All I can say is, he's going to keep his teachers busy this year.

Here is the actual picture of just the sign so I can have a record of all the stats for that day when I'm old and gray and can't remember.

Micah's First Day
Mother's Day Out
Faith Baptist Church
Bartlett, Tennessee
August 28, 2012
(almost 21 months)

Then the photo shoot continued as Micah ran into the street. Don't be alarmed. We live in a cove with little (if any) traffic. I highly recommend cove living.

Then he decided to chase the cat (our neighbors' cat) up our driveway.

So when did I finally get him still for his photo? (Not looking, but he's still.) I'm glad you asked. That would be right when he walked in the door to his class.

Around Ms. Julianna he played shy. Fingers in the mouth. Still as could be. Quiet. Calm.

Oh my goodness! I still can't believe my baby is going to "school" now. I think it will be absolutely great for him, though. I really, really do.

I took this picture on Open House day, but Ms. Tracy was too busy with other kids to bother her this morning. She is the lead teacher for his room.

It was also too busy with too many supplies to drop off this morning for me to get a "first day" photo with him, but I took this picture of us outside his classroom last Thursday.

I'm having trouble uploading some of my phone pictures tonight, so I guess I'll add those later. His teachers said he had a good day and took a forty five minute nap (yikes! short!). He gobbled up all of his lunch which included 1/2 wheat flat-out, deli turkey, American cheese, Greek yogurt, and green beans. He went on a sippy cup strike because I bought him a new insulated cup last night at Target. It has the exact same lid as his "normal" sippy cup, but he wouldn't take it at school today. They worked on transportation, and he "painted" a picture of a bus. My husband said the teachers said he "ran out" of diapers today. He had four packed in his main part of the backpack with three more diapers packed in the pocket of his backpack. I said, "How in the world did he run out of diapers??" Turns out, they didn't find the extra three in the front pocket.

On Sunday, Mr. C & I happened to be working in Micah's room so I pictures of everything I was too embarrassed to take pictures of during Open House including his backpack hook.

 Here's his bulletin board.
There's his name on the bulletin board.

Please note, for whatever reason...no kids came to our class! Haha! So I got to take all these pictures uninterrupted. 

Finally, we have Micah's first piece of school art. They just need to learn how to spell his name, but other than that. I'd say he had a great first day!



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