Monday, August 13, 2012

Well, August is in full swing. I mean, I am some kind of busy. I've got mixed emotions about being back at work. At some points in my life, I love my career & interactions with adults or the outside world. Getting out of the house is much more productive for me.

However, it's when I'm trying to squeeze one workout in a week (yes! a week! it's bad!), that I miss my free time from not working. Our schedules make it hard to juggle working out. I'm going to try my best to get back on the wagon this week. Oh, in the midst of parent night, too.
 More often than not, since school has started, I end up feeling like Micah here.
It's a really, really bad picture taken in complete darkness of his room one night after I returned to work.
 I guess I'm not the only worn out by the early mornings, long days, and late nights.

One morning, I spent fifteen to twenty minutes looking for my glasses. I found them in a diaper pail along with every other belonging known to man. This (gross) picture demonstrates how active Micah is these days. I tell people he hides stuff from us all the time. Here ya go. Proof.  I also found our lost bottle of ibruprofen, some nails, an entire case of wipes, a toothbrush, and an unused wrapped tampon.


The past two weeks, Micah has gone from having a slight cough and running nose to complete snotty messes, green boogers, wheezing, and not sleeping at night.

Since I try to keep my days off to a minimum, I took Micah to the doctor on Saturday morning. Thank you, iPad, for being a faithful companion to entertain our child. Also, thank you to Peek-a-boo Barn apps.

Micah is quite the daredevil these days. He climbs on everything, can get into anything, and is just a complete mess that keeps a boy mom on her toes.

Exhibit A.
This happened in five seconds flat. I, of course, stopped to document it on camera.
 Not long after singing the praises of the iPad, I was pulling my child out of the cabinet where the doctors keep the paper towels.

He got stuck, and he got scared. 
I, of course, documented it all on camera.
Micah, none of your childhood adventures will be forgotten, my poor boy.

My sister & I had planned to head out to a small down near our parents' house to get some cupcakes with the boys on Saturday. In the end, neither of us felt like driving thirty minutes away. Instead, I ran to McD's for some pancakes and brought them over to Keren's house. 

We let the boys play all kinds of games and get into trouble while the construction crew finished the insulation on their expandable room upstairs.

Eventually, it was time to go home so Uncle Jase, Aunt Keren, and Ebin could eat some lunch. Micah took his nap, and I was lazy as can be. Finally, Daddy woke up and it cooled off outside. We headed for Shelby Farms Park to get in a family run.


Our "run" turned into a walk when Micah started screaming to get down out of his stroller. We kept trying to run, but it just didn't work out. I guess we shouldn't take a toddler out at bedtime and expect stellar behavior. 

I forgot his shoes, so we just let him roam barefoot.
 He was quite content running around the hills and walking trails by the lake yelling, "Duck! Duck!"
 Sometimes, my heart just melts when I look at him.
 I realize how fast time is flying, and I just want to cry.
 He loves to sing songs now, and our favorites are fun Bible tunes with lots of hand motions and dancing.

He's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

We love you, Micah. You amaze us every day.
 Sometimes the best moments in life happen when you don't plan them.

I wanted a run.
I got a sunset photo shoot with a wiggly toddler instead.

I wouldn't trade that for anything.

 Some people say to stop and smell the roses. Well, we stopped to smell the cattails, and I think either way is a win.

I'm so very thankful for the tiny blessings in my life even if my two miles was spent walking. It's nice to capture moments like these that will stay in my heart forever.

And Sunday? Well, Sunday started out with a toddler who had a low grade fever. I called our preschool coordinator to let her know that we wouldn't be at church this morning for nursery.

I spent the day resting, watching Micah, and writing lesson plans.

Welcome back. School is definitely now officially in session.
Have a great week!

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