Sunday, August 19, 2012

A busted lip, a broken car, and a birthday.

Another weekend has zoomed by way, way too fast. I enjoyed every minute of it with my little man (and some with the husband when he wasn't asleep).

 On Friday night, we had some crazy awesome weather. I guess I should have taken Micah for a run, but he kept asking to go out in the back yard. The previous owners of our house installed a swing set, so it is nice to finally use it after living here eight years! Haha!

He & I enjoyed a night of sliding and chasing the dogs.

I took this cute picture right before disaster struck in the form of a busted lip. Poor little guy ran away from his mama, tried to climb the ladder by himself, and then tripped and hit the ladder instead.

That night was a long night with frequent trips to his room to give him Tylenol.
 The night ended with an early morning wake up call around 5AM. It was a long morning for the poor, swollen lipped fella.
 We decided to get out of the house for a bit. So we went to a consignment sale in Germantown, and then we checked out a new store in Cordova called Bargain Hunt. This store sales overstocked merchandise from Amazon, and it is really, really cheap. It has everything if you don't mind hunting a bit. I got a shirt for $0.70! Haha! Actually, I got seven shirts for $20 if that tells you anything. I also got some rain boots for $9, myriads of Micah's Christmas presents and birthday presents for dirt cheap, too. They have everything! Baby stuff, camping gear, electronics, shoes, furniture. It is all new, and if you don't like can return it. If Amazon sells it, they have it. Go try it out. (For my Memphis friends: it is at the corner of Trinity and G'town Pkwy right across from the huge Wal-mart behind the Baptist Minor Med.)

While on our shopping trip, we also decided to try out the new Home Goods store that just opened up. I am some kind of excited to go to Home Goods! Except, wait a while to go. We could barely find a place to park, and I could hardly walk through the store. It was a madhouse! Although, I did score what I went to get which was this child size recliner that matches Mr. C's recliner. 

I'm not a big fan of junking up our living room with toys, and I did not want any character related furniture. This, however, cracked me up! I mean it is just like my husband's man chair. Since Micah keeps shoving me off the couch (I am not even kidding), I thought he'd like his own "rock rock" chair.

I bought it for his birthday or Christmas, but then we got out of the car...and he climbed right into it.

So I took a picture of him sitting in a recliner in the middle of our driveway. I asked him to say, "Cheese!" So that is what he is saying in the picture making a "cheese" face. I laughed and laughed at this shot.
 The he decided to be a bit more normal and just sit there for me. =)

One thing I'm loving about this age is his increasing ability to play alone and pretend while he's playing. It's fascinating to just watch! He spent an hour pretending he was eating dinner, feeding "Mr. Bear" (his fave stuffed animal) using Dixie cups and the dog's water bowl. (Freshly out of the dishwasher, so it was safe and sanitized.)

I think he must have been eating steak or something. Apparently, it was a wonderful meal.

 He also cracked me up getting situated in his new chair with Mr. Bear, his Dixie cup, and Copper's water bowl. I mean, why buy them toys, right?
 Here's my receipt from Bargain Hunt. Look at how much those shirts cost--$0.70, $4.19, and $4.99. Think thrift store prices, but I bought Ralph Lauren & Nautica for brand new!
 On Sunday, we went to church and then down to Mississippi to celebrate Mr. C's birthday (which is Wednesday) with his family. Only our truck broke down going down there and coming back. So we sat in the middle of nowhere in Mississippi waiting for a ride from his parents with a baby who had no nap all day.
 It was a lovely time had by all. We got home (finally!) at nine o'clock. Pretty sure my papers didn't get graded, and my lessons plans aren't written.
Thankfully, this happened on a Sunday since Mr. C is off on Mondays. Hopefully, since we dropped the car off tonight at the shop, it will be fixed by tomorrow afternoon. We started seriously discussing tonight the probability that we will be car shopping soon. Every time we put it off, something like this happens. I drive a '99, and my husband drives a '98. We like to be good stewards of our money, and drive cars until they die.

Unfortunately, we're starting to believe that one of the cars is dying at 250k miles. 

At any rate, it would be nice to have at least one reliable car to drive outside of the city of Memphis. We're starting to both feel a little unsafe driving our cars long distances. I can't lie, though. I'm ready to have a four door vehicle instead of my Honda coupe. I just really, really don't want to spend the money!

Well, that's about all of our weekend. Have a great week!

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