Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's that time of year again!

 So here was my view on Monday after a weekend spent with the family celebrating my nephew's birthday & a Sunday full of church. I was so sad Sunday because one of our staff members is leaving to take a church in Ohio, and we LOVE that family. So sad!

Yes. That is my healthy lunch, my computer, and my classroom. I'm back at school once again set to begin a new year.

I'm very nervous about this year.

#1 I have a student teacher. It's been interesting, and I'll leave it at that lest she stumble upon my blog.
#2 I'm getting a special student in my classroom that has special needs and includes a full time teacher's assistant.

That's three adults in one room, y'all.
And about twenty or so kids.

I'm kind of the "boss" of all that is going on in there, so I'm getting quite anxious.

My principal & I already had a chat about my student teacher, and I had to contact the local university from which she is getting her degree. Hopefully, they will straighten some things out with her and we can move on.
 So in all of my work "fun" this week, Mr. C made me breakfast in bed on Tuesday! How sweet is that? Tuesday was our registration day, and I had the late shift. I didn't have to be at work until noon, and it was my last official day to sleep in. What a sweetie I have!
 My French toast was gone in about 5 minutes. To be healthy, he made it with whole wheat bread, eggs, and cinnamon instead of sugar. The syrup was the bad kind, but everything in moderation, right?
 This morning, I had some extra time with little man because my car broke down right after my sister-in-law's dog snapped at Micah. Let's just say, it was an interesting morning.
 So without a car, I texted my hubs & called my sister. Arrangements were made to get me to work, but I just tried to enjoy the extra thirty minutes with Micah as I waited for my ride. I'm really wanting a new car pronto. I'm kind of over all the car issues lately, but again. I have a car.
 After work today, I came home to enjoy some quality time with little man. We did not make it to Chick-fil-a today. Our plans today included Chick-fil-a, but unfortunately broken cars and long days of inservice and a CFA that is being remodeled messed with our plans.
 Plus Daddy made spaghetti.
 Spaghetti is good.
 And Mommy has social studies lesson plans and a newsletter to do tonight as well as somehow try to fit in a two mile run. Therefore, no CFA, but we are there in spirit!!
 After the messy dinner, Micah needed a bath. I just have to say that I am starting to really love our nighttime routines. I'm working with Micah on praying before we eat, and it is the cutest thing. I need to get it on video. 

Me: God is great.
Micah: God blah blah blah blah. BIG SMILE.
Me: God is good.
Micah: God blah blah blah blah. BIG SMILE. Ay-me?
Me: Not amen yet. Hold on. Let us thank Him for our food. Amen.
Micah: Ay-me!!

 Of course, as soon as I decide to go get the "nice" camera to take pictures of Micah in the bath, I realize the memory card is full. So back to the iPhone it is.
 After his bath time, we start reading our books. He has several Bible books he loves, and he loves his colors book. Then sometimes I get out the iPad, and we play on the animal flashcards and sounds app.
 Finally, I start taking him to his room where he sits in my lap. We read from his "Bible" as much as he will let me. We point out the animals. We sing songs like "Zaccheus" and "The B-I-B-L-E" to each other.
 Then we say our prayers together, and he attempts to pray. He always gets the "ay-me" in at the end, though!
It's so hard to be back at work (in some ways), but in other ways I'm so thankful for all the time I have in the evenings. I try to cram it full of vocabulary, reading stories, singing Bible songs, teaching prayer, and sharing Scripture. 

We've had a great week, and I know that we'll be back in the swing of things very soon despite all of our crazy setbacks this week. The Lord has given us so much, so we'll try to laugh about the rest and focus on the best.

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