Thursday, August 30, 2012

A night of family time.

Sometimes, my days are long. For instance, today my principal graciously let me take an "early leave" to actually come in an hour late so I could drop Micah off for his first day of school

I was so excited to come to work by ten am. I mean, Micah's school is close to our house. So I didn't have to actually leave here until around 8:45 am. However, I had a PTA meeting tonight so I didn't get home until almost 7:30 pm.

The first thing I noticed tonight about Micah's "school" was that his daddy had energy to stay up with us until 8:30. We were able to play in the yard together. Well, Daddy mowed the yard, Micah followed him around (as usual), and I kept Micah from getting hit by the lawn mower.

I think I'm going to like this school thing! Especially if Daddy can't get some sleep where he can spend time with us at night. (And please ignore how Micah is dressed. Yes, he is in swim trunks with a very dirty shirt left over from MDO. Daddies aren't the best at fashion choices.)

I think our family desperately needs this change this year. I think Micah will benefit from socialization, and I think Daddy will benefit from sleep.

I know that somebody is already needing another haircut! 

I'm so thankful for all the little things in our lives like backyards, dogs, family, lawnmowers, great weather, and swing sets.

I love how much this little guy adores his father. It makes my heart swell but also ache at the spiritual responsibility we have to train him in the ways of the Lord.

No matter what, these days are fleeting. I get so sad when I simply think about how fast he is growing up. So instead of getting sad, I try to stop and enjoy the moment.

Even if the moment includes watching him chase after his daddy at the lawn mower.

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