Friday, August 31, 2012

Micah's second day of school and other random events.

I've become quite the blogger this week! I'm not sure how because this week has been cah.ray.zee!
At any rate, Micah survived day #2 of "school." I'm trying to figure out what we will do with all of his creations from school. I just know we can't keep it all. I hate papers. Maybe I can just photograph all of it to document it on the blog? And bore you with it? Haha!

My teacher self is just love, love, loving having him in school. You don't even know. I love knowing he has a schedule now. It gives me some crazy joy to look up at the clock in my room and know that Micah is eating lunch or going to music or napping. Yes, I am weird like that.

 I tried out an exercise class after school today. Yes, at school! I'm thinking this is my new fitness plan. One of our parents teaches Zumba, and she said she'd teach it after school two days a week. 

This is a wonderful plan for me with plenty of accountability. Except, I get out of school at 4:30 (by the time duty is over), and that means Zumba isn't over until 5:30. Then I have to drive thirty minutes which puts me home at six. I'm still unsure because this takes away from family time at night.

Did I mention we are starting a running club at our school? Yup! And guess who is a faculty sponsor. That'd be me. I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. More accountability, I guess.

 Anyway, when I got home this evening at first, it wasn't raining so I promised Micah we could go "ow-side" to play before the rain came. This boy loves to play outside on his playground. No sooner than I had said this statement, the heavens opened up. Instead, we spent the evening longingly staring out the window wishing for time outside.

 This is such a random post, but here are a few pictures of his MDO info sheets I wanted to remember. Here is the schedule that he follows while he is at school. I do love knowing his schedule!

 I talked earlier about his "classroom objectives" for the year? They make me smile and laugh when I look at the objectives the state of Tennessee gives me for second graders. I still love they are going to work with him on prayer and manners.
 Today Micah's folder was full of fun goodies today including this September calendar. Micah's going to be learning several Bible concepts this month including: "God Made People", "The Prodigal Son", "Young Samuel Listens", and "Jesus Does the Father's Work".  It will be a month full of the letters C, S, and H and the numbers 1 & 2. He's going to have Silly Sock Day and Hat Day. I love how organized the information is laid out. Again, I'm a teacher nerd. I eat this stuff up! I'm also thankful they follow my school district's calendar. That makes it very, very easy for our family.

Micah remained hopeful the rain would stop, and he just hung out with his "friends" in the kitchen reading them Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle. He's lately just started loving this book. I'm sure that Mr. Bear and Mr. Moose love the book, too. 

Speaking of the moose and the bear, those two must be with Micah at all times. I'm not sure if it is because he's attached to them, or if he really sees them as his "friends" at our house. Either way, they eat with us (in their OWN CHAIRS--oh yes!), read with us, watch tv with us, and he tried to slip them into the bathtub last night. Ha! Micah does keep us laughing!

I'm so glad it is Thursday night! Tomorrow is Friday which means a three-day weekend! Pump it! 

Hope you have a great rest of your week.

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