Thursday, August 16, 2012

Soon it will be September.

When I was little, my dad used to tell me that I needed "an attitude adjustment" about various things in life. There were times where my "attitude adjustment" would come in the form of a spanking or perhaps the threat of a spanking. I tend to be an overly dramatic person mixed with a worrying personality. So let's just say that a lot of times I have to stop, mentally talk to myself, and give myself "an attitude adjustment" like my Daddy used to do for me. =)

This school year? Well, I think I need one of those attitude adjustments.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I don't want to complain because I know that isn't really right. I have a great job, and I work at a wonderful school. Blessings abound all around me, but it is something about the month of August. August always puts me in a funk because honestly...I'm working 50+ hours this time of year with little family time, little rest time, little me time, little husband time, and little quiet time. I haven't ran in three weeks. I'm tired. I feel overworked, underpaid. I'm exhausted. I don't see my baby boy as much as I want to. I haven't seen my husband in like two weeks because of our crazy schedule. I haven't been to church on a Wednesday night in three weeks because I'm working late some other night of the week (registration, PTA meeting, curriculum night, etc) so I don't feel like getting out yet another night. I've eaten lots of fast food because it is just easy. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of children in my class with their various special needs. I really want to just have a good cry.

I almost did cry when I walked into my house tonight after a long day (faculty meeting at 7:30 until the parents left curriculum night at 7:30) to find my sweet husband sitting on the couch waiting for me to come home. Now for most of you, that's not unusual for your husband to sit up and wait on you. However, when it is 8:15, and he has to be up at 11:00pm to go to work because he works all night long...staying up 3 hours past his bedtime so he could "actually see you for at least thirty minutes and talk"...I really did have my cry tonight. I had my "I don't know how I can handle this and this and this and that and that and this" blubber to my favorite man on Earth.

I know I need to get some things lined back up.

#1 Quiet time. Yup, I need to have one. I'm being transparent, but it has fallen by the wayside big time.
#2 Work out time. Yup, I have been "working out" so long that my body feels like it needs it now. It has become my "me" time, and I need it.
#3 Relax time. There has been no relaxing for three weekends or plus straight. I'm always gluing, cutting, laminating, printing, sorting, organizing, or filing after Micah is in bed. I need a break!

Anyway, I'm not going to try to complain even though I probably already did just that. I'm trying to focus my attitude back on what is right, what is noble, and what is pure. These are the things I need to think of. In the end, this life is temporary. No one will remember the cute laminated owls that I worked on for two hours. They simply won't. So I need to let go, let God, and calm down!

Ok, attitude adjustment done.

Thanks for listening to me vent. Even if I know that nobody really reads this but like 20 people. Ha!

Have a good rest of your week.

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