Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just an afternoon photo shoot of randomness.

So this week, I just took a bunch of random pictures of Micah. Did I mention we've had five snowstorms this winter? And Bible study (and everything else) has been canceled over and over again? And this is Tennessee so we're not used to snow? And I was bored...well, I should have been cleaning. It's not like I didn't have stuff to do. However, I decided to take random photos instead.

Micah in his little outfit with his "staged" photo backdrop.
Also known as a blanket.
I am not a photographer, but I wanted to show off his blue eyes.
So...stack him in blue, right? :)

Micah falling asleep with Mr. Gloworm in his swing.

Micah finally smiles. Only I realized as I was taking the pictures he had a little spit up on his face.
Do you see how big his eyes are? I just love his beautiful blue eyes!
Ah, there's that smile!! (With a little bit of spit up. Sigh.)

Fun time in the bath.
He's definitely chunky monkey!

1 comment:

  1. Love those fat baby cheeks! The jets in the tub behind him look like big, crazy googly eyes. Yes, I anthropomorphize every thing.