Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh my. Some days parenting is really hard.

Today I'm in prep to have some medical tests run on my colon. If you read my other blog, you probably remember me whining about my stomach during my pregnancy. I'll just say it. I whined, complained, and belly-ached rather profusely. Choose any word to describe it. I love my child, and I thoroughly find every minute worth it. However, I did complain a lot. I do apologize for that!

Anyway, I have a stomach condition that started back in 2001 during my senior year of college. As time has gone on, it has come and gone depending on the time of my life. I've been misdiagnosed, went through a couple of doctors, and came out with various "conditions" that it could be. Tomorrow, I am being tested for some more things again since I just haven't been the same since the pregnancy. I had everything managed and under control pre-pregnancy, but during the pregnancy and postpartum my body went absolutely haywire even for someone who is used to dealing with random issues.

So. I've been eating liquids for multiple hours now "prepping" for the procedure tomorrow. I'm used to doing this with....well, not an infant. An infant who apparently has some tummy issues of his own tonight poor little thing. Thankfully, I made the smart decision to have this procedure while Mr. C is off. (He works nights with a Tuesday to Saturday schedule leaving him free on Mondays). Mr. C is being an enormous help this afternoon as I am basically sick with a screaming child in the other room. I'm too sick to do much about it.

In any case, please pray they find out the cause of my problems--more specifically that it is the lesser problem mentioned by the doctor this week than the more serious condition he is also checking for. Pray Micah will feel better, too, so we can calm down the house somewhat. It's days like today that I realize how hard parenting can be. I'm thankful for every minute of it, though. I think I've learned more spiritually in the last two months than my whole life just by watching Micah in utter amazement of the Lord's awesomeness.

Complaining over. No complaining. Just some requests for happy prayers and thoughts tomorrow around 12:45 PM CST. And also to make it through this long, horrible night!

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