Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Micah's first trip to the zoo.

We've been cooped up in the house for months and months this winter. Part of this was because:
a. massive snow
b. small newborn without shots
c. overprotective parents of small newborn without shots
d. more snow
e. oh, yeah, then some more snow

It was finally, FINALLY beautiful outside so me, C, Micah, C's mom, C's sister, and our two nephews on C's side headed to the zoo for a day of enjoyment. For about $90 a year a family can buy a membership to our local zoo. At $15 per adult + $10 per child + $5 parking = $45 for one trip. Easy decision if you live in this area and have kids. Get the pass!

Female lion.
When we first arrived, it was kind of cold. (Remember those overprotective parents? We're the ones that kept a blanket over him for a while, too.) I promise there is a child inside the stroller.
Side note: We have this stroller. My mom found it at a consignment shop for well over half off. At any rate, I highly recommend this if you only have one child. Who needs those huge stroller systems? They are so expensive!! This frame barely ways anything, the car seat snaps securely in, and off we go!

The monkeys enjoyed entertaining us.

C, Micah, & the lioness.

C & our nephew.

Me, Micah & the elephant

The newest section of the park is Teton Trek. My hubs and I have an affinity for Montana/Wyoming and anything national park related. We love this exhibit.

Grizzly bears!

This little wolf walked right up to us! I didn't even use a zoom on this picture.

Micah woke up, I fed him, and we stopped for some family photo-ops.

Tropical bird house.

I really like this picture!

By the afternoon, it had warmed up considerably so we let go of our overprotectiveness. The adults had peeled off our jackets, and Micah was out and about seeing the sights.

C, Micah, and the penguins.

Micah kicking back in his stroller.

We had a great first day at the zoo!!

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