Sunday, February 13, 2011

My birthday.

So today was my birthday, and my family took all the photos. I just enjoyed the day. I will post once I get the photos from my mom. But so I won't forget, I'm going to blog it now.

C got me some beautiful orchids and a bag of Blow Pops for my birthday. Poor Mr. C has his job cut out for him every year. A wife born the day before Valentine's Day. Since we didn't want to really spend much money this year (long maternity leave so basically we don't have money until I go back)...I thought he did a great job! First of all, he really knows me well. My favorite candy flavors are always the red ones in everything. This probably has something to do with being born around Valentine's Day? So I had a whole bag of red suckers to myself. He also knows how stupid I think it is to spend $500 on some flowers that will die and wilt. Instead, he got me potted plants that we can cherish. (As long as I don't kill them. Which I tend to do.) They are on the mantle right now, and they only have to be watered with 3 ice cubes once a week. See? I told you he knows me well.

We went to church, and we are currently visiting churches. Well, we've been visiting churches since May, but who's counting? Anyway, the church shall remain nameless, but it was the worst Sunday ever. I even convinced my husband to go to this church with birthday bribery. You see, my husband and I are on different ends of the church spectrum. I am on the more contemporary end. He is more on the traditional end. I would wear jeans to church whereas he thinks that isn't giving God your best. Does anyone else deal with this issue? Any ideas how to resolve it? It's made for interesting times of church hopping over the past months. One week we go to Ultra Hip Church, and the next week we attend The Most Conservative Church in America. Anyway, the church I wanted to go to is known for being more "out there" by his standards. He humored me, and we went. Oh. My. Goodness. It was out there even for me, so much so we left right after the preaching because I couldn't take it any more. I was getting that bad of a headache. Am I that old?? Oh, well. Eventually we'll find somewhere to go we both thoroughly enjoy. (Sidenote: we have one church we keep coming back to, but we just want to be REALLY SURE so we keep visiting everything out there).

After church we went to my parent's house and celebrated with my family. Tacos, red velvet cake, and chocolate chip ice cream! Time with the boys (meaning the cousins) was precious. Oh, yeah. I enjoyed seeing my parents, sister, brother, and brother in law, too. ;)

My parents got me a framed photo collage of Micah's newborn pictures. LOVE! They also got me a membership to Sam's Club for a year. I got gift cards so that I can have some pictures developed. That's all I really asked for because otherwise, I won't have any of Micah's pictures. I'm that bad about developing digital images.

::Insert lots of really cute pictures here.::

After that, my parents graciously watched Micah while C & I attempted our first date sans child. We went to Sakura, my favorite restaurant from my Jackson, Tennessee college days. Oh, how I miss Sakura! But they opened one up down here!! C & I went to eat there, finished, and then realized...

Everything closes at six on Sunday nights in the whole city.

Did you know that? In this large metropolis? Nothing is open after six? So our plans of a "hot date" lasted an hour. Maybe a little bit more because we did find a Dunkin Donuts with a huge wood burning fireplace. We sat there chatting for a little while after dinner. All in all, it was a great evening! It was a wonderful birthday!!

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