Monday, February 21, 2011


The procedure did not go well. I don't know how I'm always the 5% girl. You know that girl? The statistic they are obligated to tell you but really happens to nobody?

Hello, my name is Nobody. Nice to meet you.

I've had this procedure before. In fact, this was my third one, and I've never had any problems before. Today? Oh. My. Word. Yes, I was knocked out. Yes, that was lovely. I mean who doesn't love high powered drugs in legal volumes under the care of a doctor to just knock you out? I mean, come on. ;)

When I awoke in recovery, I was in complete agony in my upper right shoulder. I was doubled over in pain, and I spent a great deal of time nauseous. The nurse literally said to my husband, "I've only seen twelve people out of about two thousand procedures have this reaction to the drugs. No one gets nauseous. Especially not this nauseous. No one. In fact, this drug has an anti-nausea drug in it. I don't ever see this kind of reaction!"

Hello, my name is Nobody. Nice to meet you.

Thankfully, I'm home resting comfortably. Things are much better now, but it was a rough day! Nothing new was found (or at least told to us), but biopsies were taken to perform further tests. I guess we'll see what they find within the next week. Thanks for the prayers.

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