Saturday, May 21, 2011

Because there is nothing cuter...

...than a baby's booty.

Dear Micah-at-35,
I'm sorry. It was just too cute to not post. Don't hate me.
Love, Mama

This weekend was very uneventful and laid back. There were no raccoons or five stray dogs. No one (that'd be me) was forced to do any unwanted camping. Basically we spent Friday night packing up my classroom. I know that sounds like, "Wait, Mrs. C...did you say packing? Does that mean you're leaving your job?"

Um. No. That is another post for another day.

I have to pack up all my stuff and move every last bit to the gym each year. Major yuck, but every time I go up to school I am attacked by children wanting to see the baby. Since my stuff has to be gone, I figured while Mr. C worked double shifts I would go clean out my room. Thankfully, Micah's KayKay went to help us out. Saturday, while Mr. C recovered from two days of double shifts, Micah & I headed back to school for more packing. Yes, I packed on Saturday, too. KayKay also came to help me pack on Saturday which was so helpful.

Saturday night consisted of movies at home and bathtime for church for Micah. That's when I snapped this adorable picture. Isn't he a cutie? Sunday, it was super rainy, but we headed to church. We enjoyed church, and then spent Sunday night with our friends eating dinner at their home. It was so nice to enjoy a low-key weekend!

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