Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On the move.

::Insert my commentary on the bathroom. I hate those pickled cabinets. Abhor. Hubs won't let me paint them, but I think I could do it with great improvement & success. Floors are new, though. Love my floors. We ripped out carpet (yes, carpet!) in our bathroom a year ago, and Mr. C put down new tile.::

Ok, now that I've complained for a second, it's time to start the actual blog post. I know you are so very happy, aren't you? Especially when I post 89 times in one day instead of posting leisurely as life really happens.

Oh, well. C'est la vie.

I've gotten in the habit of making a pallet in the floor of the bathroom when I want to get ready so that I can keep an eye on Micah. We have a pack-n-play that would probably be better, but why lug it all over the house? This has worked for us. Usually I take a bath (yes, bath, I love to soak in my big jacuzzi tub), Micah plays with whatever, and then I can get ready. He stays happy because I'm in his line of sight, we "talk", and I stay happy because I can keep an eye on him. I realize I could get Mr. C to watch him, but his hours at work are so crazy. I have to get a shower when I can which is often when Mr. C isn't at home or is asleep.

So today, I set up his normal play area with his piano.

(Before I get crazy comments, I know it is concrete. But I put him on the bath mats with multiple blankets to keep him nice and safe.)
When I looked over, I saw this had happened. Seriously, five seconds earlier he had been right beside the piano banging away.
Suddenly, he was all, "I'm freeeeeeeeee at laaaaaast!" He totally wanted to play with the wall. Yes, the wall. Micah is really into running his fingernails on all different kinds of textures right now to see what sound they make. He likes to scratch my jeans, my shirts, the wall (look where his hand is in the picture above.)
I guess our life as we know it is officially over.

You know people tell you that about the baby being born, but our life (while changed) hasn't been so bad with a newborn. Now that he is going towards mobile bound? I think that is when life really changes.

Micah, you are growing up way, way, way too fast!

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