Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tornadic activity pictures of Memphis.

So I got this new app for my Android phone in hopes that it would help me be a little better of a blogger. At least, it would give me a way to blog some pictures that I take with my phone. Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to blog more than one picture per post. If I blew up your Google reader with four separate posts that have disappeared...I do apologize.

So last night this major cloud was seen on our local weather station, and even my husband (who is Mr. I Wanna Watch My Show This is Not a Big Deal Please Stop Wall to Wall Coverage) sat down on the couch when we saw this on our tv. He even said, "Whoa. I have never seen anything like this in my life."

As the major clouds came towards us, the weatherman (Dave Brown--my hero) followed the cloud with every possible camera angle he could find. He kept naming exits, and he kept talking about the location of the crazy cloud. About that time, I get a text message from my sister.

"That wall cloud is moving towards you. You can probably see it. It just passed over us." She was taking pictures of it from the upstairs bedroom at her house. My sister lives about five minutes away, so I started going outside taking (super poor quality) pics with my phone. Here are a few things I saw. Again, nothing near as impressive as this picture, but...

Clouds rolling in.

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The start of that crazy cloud moving into my neighborhood. At this point, I go across the street to talk to my neighbor about the cloud. All the while, Micah's asleep in the closet, and C is all, "Get back in here! What if that thing decides to rotate and touch down?"

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You can see the regular sky on the right, the twisting low clouds on the left. This was from my backyard.

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And yes, I hate the telephone pole, but what ya gonna do?

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How about you? Did you have some crazy weather last night?

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