Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornadoes. Go away.

This is what we are seeing on our tv screen. Fun, huh?

Even scarier? This passed BY MY HOUSE. Literally, I watched it move past our house and somehow this thing didn't ever touch down. How is that even possible?

Edit: Day After

If you want to see some amazing links, check this out:

This was on the front page of the newspaper this morning. I found this to be an absolutely incredible photo. It amazes me how just the right conditions at the right time can change things. Our weatherman kept showing this cloud on the news, and it reminded me of the weathermen in Alabama. They were able to watch the tornado coming at them, too. In our case, while a tornado (closest I've ever seen to a real one anyway) like cloud never touched down here, but it could have. All it would have taken was a little more rotation.

Last night, another news station caught this video. You'll have to actually click on the video in the box. Not the one with the reporter man standing there, but the video of the semi-rotation in the cloud. This was a close up of the cloud heading through downtown Memphis.

Why does the Lord do what he does? Why does he decide here, but not there? Why are so many dead in so many places, but we're still here?

There were no near death experiences here, and I'd never trivialize our little "beaver tail" cloud in the wake of tragedy across the USA. However, if you saw that thing travel by your house yesterday like I did (pics to follow), you would be standing in awe of an awesome, all knowing, powerful God. I can't explain Him. I don't know His ways, but thankfully that is what my faith allows me to do. Have faith. He knows what is best even when it makes no sense to me.

What amazed me even more? That thing moved across the river looking like that. It was holding together all the way out to where I live. I'm a good 35 plus minutes outside of Memphis. It was an amazing sight to behold.

The Lord is in control, and I am thankful today for His provision and protection.
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