Thursday, May 5, 2011

A day at a Tennessee state park.

Mr. Confident has been off from work the past three days. Ahem. Actually, he's been burning his last three days of vacay before the fiscal year for his company resets days in June. Anywhoodles, I'm not working so therefore no real vacation for us. Instead, we've tried to think of some stuff to do around here that we never do to and get out of the house. We've visited some family including Mr. C's sister & my parents. Then we took our trip to Arkansas to look at flood waters.

Yesterday, I happened to remember a Tennessee state park we used to frequent in college for our sorority party. (YES, I was in a sorority in college. NO, we weren't like that. Our sorority actually held Bible studies. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, it was wonderful.) I don't know why I hadn't remembered this place, but I brought it up to Mr. Confident. I honestly didn't remember much about it, so we went with me stating, "I hope it is as nice as I remember it in my head."

I mean, twelve-ish years have gone by since I've darkened the door of Chickasaw State Park.

Twelve-ish years. ::Sigh:: How does time slip by so quickly??

I remembered basically a huge lake, some paddle boats, a swimming hole, and a locale in the middle of nowhere. Well, Chickasaw State Park did not disappoint, my friends! At least my memory is not completely gone. Not only did it have everything I remembered, but it also had a restaurant, a store, ATV trails, walking trails, campsites & cabins on the water, and lots of various playgrounds. For free. FREE! Well, plus the cost of gas to get there, and it is about an hour away from Memphis.

Our trip was a whirlwind trip followed by a stop to eat lunch in the sleepy town of Henderson, Tennessee, since the lake restaurant wasn't actually open today. It did give us a great opportunity to get out of the city and take Micah on a walk around the lake. I can imagine this would be a great place for him when he's older and could swim or play on the playground.

The trip isn't for the faint at heart as it is in the middle of nowhere. I knew where it was because I used to work in Henderson, Tennessee. However, it isn't hard to get there from here. You just have to drive through a lot of sleepy Tennessee towns. I think the view on Lake Placid this beautiful spring day after weeks of torrential rain, floods, and tornadoes was worth the drive. Enjoy our pictures!

On the path about to head to the lake trails.
Daddy & Micah ready to hit the trail!

One trail goes across the center of the lake. As you can see, it is a nice, long trail across the water.

Mommy & Micah about the head along the trail.

Those cabins can be rented directly on the lake.

A view from the path on the lake.

A shot of the swimming area, canteen, & playground.

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