Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tickled pink, er...I mean, orange.

I promise you, I am such a lucky mommy. I think I have one of the happiest babies in the world. I don't know what I did to have such a smiley, happy, content child. Praise the Lord! That's about all I can say!!

Today we ate some squash, and Micah was so super excited about the squash he flailed those hands every which away....
Which lead to squash getting absolutely everywhere.
Mommy's first thought wasn't to clean it up. Nope. In true blogging style, I felt the need to document it instead.
I mean, who would not want this cute little boy's life---every single moment--caught on film then blogged for the world to see? I mean, can you resist those big ole baby blues?
Even when they are staring you directly in the face saying, "Mommy, please don't blog about the squash in my eye. Could you get it out of my eye, instead?"
Thankfully, he's so happy with anything I do, he was a great picture model despite his mom's desire to take so many pictures!
Mommy & Daddy may be crazy, Micah! But we love you!! We're tickled pink you are in our family now!!

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