Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend, we didn't do that much super exciting bit of anything. Since I'm off work, we've put our vacation on hold. This is very hard for me because we've been somewhere each and every summer for our anniversary in July. This year? We've decided to wait until I go back to work in the fall to go on vacation during my fall break. But, dang! Gas is super high. I don't care if the price has fallen, it is ridiculous.

Ok, onto the weekend.

We spent Saturday and part of Sunday at the lake with Mr. C's parents. Mr. C did not force me to camp this time, so we just drove down to Arkabutla to meet his parents at the campground on Saturday. Afterwards, we drove back home Saturday night to sleep in our own comfy beds. We went to church on Sunday morning, and then our little family drove back down to the lake for late Sunday afternoon & evening. Micah's grandparents who live about and hour and a half away from us were glad to have some extended time with the grandchild, of course.

Micah looking out at the campgrounds through the window of his grandparents' RV.


Daddy holding Micah.

On Monday, which is Mr. C's usual day off anyway, we headed to Jackson, Tennessee, to get out of town again! :) Jackson is the home of my college, so we thought we'd also take a walk around my alma mater while doing some other Jacksonian things.

First, we went to Casey Jones Village. Now I am not really sure what Casey Jones is famous for, but it has something to do with being a train conductor. We also wanted to enjoy a huge buffet meal, but I didn't feel like paying $7 per person to go into the Casey Jones museum in addition to our meal. Maybe one day when Micah is old enough to care about trains we'll go through the museum. I realized on today's trip that I am about to be knee deep in all things boys for the rest of my life. At any point, one day when we feel like paying to learn about Casey Jones, we will. Until then, I'll just google him. Today, we just walked around the village, took random pictures, and ate at the Old Country Store.

This is the house Casey Jones was living in when he died.


At this point, we are realizing just how hot it is outside. Our plans are quickly changing as I have come to learn happens with children.


Here is the sign outside the wonderful Casey Jones Museum. We did go inside the train store, and that would be a really awesome place if Micah had a clue what was going on or loved trains. One day he will, probably way too soon!


Here's the cutie of the day: Mr. Half Year Old.
Today is his six month birthday!

Here's where we ate our lovely buffet meal today. Oh, it was heaven. I forgot how much I loved food from Old Country Store. Think Cracker Barrel but more like Grandma's cooking.


Inside the train store there was this display of letters. Notice anything in the background?


A lawyer works in this train. It is his office! How much fun is that?


Not a great shot of Micah, but here we are on the train.


Afterwards, we drove around my college campus. A tornado destroyed a major section of the school in 2008 (I think?), so the campus had to be rebuilt. Major sadness that a big majority of the campus does not look the same as when I went there. Union is awesome, and it looks better for sure. It was just amazing to see it change!


It was so different that the layout had me confused. I have to say this is when our plan of walking the campus became scrapped. From Old Country Store to Union (you alums realize how far that is--not far), Micah had fallen asleep. It was 94 degrees outside. Yes, 94!! We gave up and just drove around. Maybe one day soon.


In other great news, the coveted Union University Alumni car sticker that I have tried to buy from the book store for TEN YEARS was in stock. I am not kidding you. Every time I am in Jackson I stop at the college bookstore. Each time I look for a Union University Alumni sticker for my car. I would even settle for a Union University sticker for my car. I don't know why but they are always out of them!!! Pure torture. I mean, I just want to offer free advertising for them as I drive around Memphis! What am I saying? You pay to buy the sticker to put on your car. So, I simply want to pay them to advertise for them? Is this so hard?

You know what I did when I found them? I bought two. Because I might need another one in the future, and who wants to wait ten more years?

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I also picked up this cute t-shirt because I guess I've finally admitted to myself that I am old enough to wear alumni gear. Sigh. Where does the time go?

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Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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  1. This used to be one of my favorite Disney cartoons growing up:
    So the story of Casey Jones is like an old friend! It looks like you had a great weekend! Micah is sure a cute boy!