Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Micah's finally really rolling.

I have discovered something about mothers. It is a disease we all suffer from. Comparitis. You know that, "What's your child doing? Really mine has/has not done that yet. I wonder when ______ will finally _______."

Telling ya. It's a disease. You don't mean to get sucked in. You say you are going to be laid back and let your child do things in his time. Then suddenly you find yourself in a conversation wondering if your child is meeting his milestones properly because he is two days behind everyone else's child the exact same age.

Well, Micah hasn't really been rolling over very much. It's so infrequent we've documented a few attempts, and we've never actually seen him do it. I did. Once. Mr. C still jokes that I made it up, but I did see it.

Anyway, I was getting worried. Because. You know. I need to give myself something to worry about. Micah won't really do tummy time all that great, and I try to make him. However, it just becomes an unpleasant event for all involved. Yet, I keep pushing him thinking, "He needs to develop those abdomen muscles!" When Micah was born, he refused to move his neck in both directions because of how he sat in the womb breech. This has caused me to worry about other things that could happen if all his exercises weren't done.

Then all my friends are posting pics of their child rolling on facebook.

(Facebook, sometimes you are my nemesis.)

All the while, we've got a few back arches out of Micah, a sideways glance, some finger sucking, and two rolls that happened Lord knows how because we didn't even see them. We just laid him down in the pack-n-play then suddenly he had flipped at some point.

Until today's tummy time excursion. Instead of complaining or baby cussing at me (read: screaming at the top of his lungs), Micah flipped over and laughed at me. Almost as if to say, "I'm not doing tummy time any more, Mama. You can't make me. Look at what I can do."

So I turned him back on his stomach again.

Two seconds later, he had flopped back onto his back.

So...I turned him back on his stomach yet again. This time I called for Mr. C thinking we might see something.

In five seconds flat, he had flopped over. Again.

We repeated this process a weary seven times with much the same results. Needless to say, I think Micah has finally "learned" how to roll over. The whole entire time looking at me, smiling, and laughing as if to say, "I told you no more tummy time!"

In one magical day, we've taken to a sippy cup and rolled over repeatedly. My little boy is growing up way, way, way too fast!

Just a reminder to enjoy what you have, keep your eyes focused on your life, and treasure what the Lord has given you.

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  1. Dylan was walking at 6 months.

    LOL. J/K. I totally get how the comparison thing freaks a momma out. I don't even play along anymore because I don't wanna sweat the small stuff. Dylan was still in diapers (well pull-ups) at 4. Like MONTHS before Kindergarten! We survived. He's normal. All that stressing for nothing. In fact, I think I stressed so much that it actually negatively affected his potty training. Looking back on those days, I was my own worst enemy.

    Congrats on the milestone! May you enjoy many, many more milestones in Micha's own time. :) Becoming mobile is HUGE! Fun times lie ahead! ;)

    BTW, he is like, mega-handsome!!