Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday, Sunday. A weekend update. Some big news!!

This weekend was pretty relaxed. Mr. C grilled some amazing chicken legs for the family on Friday night, we went to get some Sheridan's Custard, and then the boys went to bed. Mommy, as usual, stayed up by herself. When your husband works night shift and your baby goes to bed by eight, you actually get a lot more alone time that you'd think. (Good and bad things about that, honestly.)
Sometime late Friday night, I realized that a men's conference Mr. C had a ticket to was actually this weekend! He forgot about it, so I encouraged him to go on Saturday to at least finish the conference after he got off of work. He hesitated thinking he'd missed "too much", but came back raving about all he learned.

Saturday evening we headed to our friends the Beauchamps to spend some time eating dinner & talking real estate. We may (big big may here) be trying to sell our house soon. More on that and some other big news in a moment.
On Sunday morning, we were a little lazy and slept in from early church. Micah actually slept until 9 am! Wow! Since Mr. C had stayed up all day at the Bible conference & hung out Saturday night with friends...he needed some rest. So we headed into church at 10:45 instead of 9 opting to go to Sunday school instead of the service.
I continued my effort to take the perfect Sunday morning photos to try to document Micah at least once a week as he's growing. I guess we'll see how long it lasts since he was wiggling to run around while we were taking this shots.

We spent Super Bowl evening with some other friends of ours, and we enjoyed some great fellowship! Micah enjoyed running Mommy ragged as he got into absolutely everything at our friends' house. Then he was cranky by nine because it was a good two hours past his bedtime.
Isn't that the best picture of my two handsome fellows?
Anyway, moving on.

And now for the BIG news which I eluded to above.

After about two years of praying for a full time position with his company, Mr. C received word this weekend that he was promoted to a full time job and into a higher level of management!! We are so excited and thrilled about this news especially in this economy which hit our little family in many unexpected ways. We've continued to be very, very blessed by the Lord over the past two years throughout this journey. Our circumstances weren't what we wanted them to be, but we have done fine despite that. I mean, I stayed off of work for eight months with a husband who only worked part time to support us. How amazing is our God?? That's just incredible when you think of it that way! However, it is so nice to say, "My husband has a full time job!!!"

Obviously, this has been in the works for a couple of weeks. I've had to be extremely closed lipped about the entire situation which is really hard for me. He's been on many job interviews in the past trying to move up in the company, but this was the first one we thought might have some potential. I'm super proud of Micah's daddy, and we've got lots of exciting new decisions we'll be making with this news which may or may not include attempting to sell our home.

And yes, I will continue to work next year for various reasons. I don't want to put all the info out on the internet, so feel free to ask me about details of our "plan." However, after two years waiting for a full time job, we are well aware the "plans" we make really don't have any effect on what God is actually going to DO. So far 2012 is shaping up to be a great year for the Confident family!

I know I get "down" sometimes on the blog, but honestly I just need an avenue to vent. Praying for something for two years can get a little exhausting, slightly discouraging, disheartening, and monotonous. I think this (besides praying for my husband) has been one of the longest continual prayers I have had almost daily. Not to be mean, but the trial part of Christian life is sometimes hard and stinks! Although, growth is significant and wonderful. This has been my personal struggle for the last two years finding contentment in our circumstance as we are right now. I also struggle holding onto the Lord and knowing that everything comes in His timing for some kind of reason.

At any rate, that's some huge news in our house, and I'm glad to finally share!!


  1. Thanks, Kodi! I'm so excited! It's nice to see some answered prayer and excited to see what is up next.

  2. Congratulations! We are so happy for your family and thankful for your testimony of trusting in the Lord and being faithful in prayer.

  3. What an exciting answer to prayer! I love it when God answers our prayers in HUGE ways when we are least expecting it! That's been happening a lot around here lately. Such a great testimony to His faithfulness!!