Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our playdate with Kate.

Today we went to see our new friend, Kate for a playdate. Laughingly, we realize it was more of a mommy visit for me & Ashley since we both have only children. And also our babies are still non-mobile. At any rate, it is always great to have an excuse to get together with friends and talk! Kate's mommy, Ashley, blogs all about their precious family and adoption at The Addison Archives. You should go check them out!

Kate was adopted about six weeks ago, and she was a preemie when she was born. When I picked up Kate, I almost felt like I was going to break her or throw her in the air accidentally. She's so teeny tiny! Thank goodness I did not do that. I have just gotten used to my big ole boy. Little Kate is four months old, and she weighs 8 lb, 10 oz. To put that in perspective? She's the exact weight Micah was when he was born, and he is only two months older. She's so precious! Of course, we had to take some photo ops the actual time they were both wide awake.

Micah staring down his new friend.
Trying to get them to look in one direction wasn't really happening. Micah, as always, with those silly fingers in his mouth.
Kate is so precious! Micah is just chilling. He highly enjoys playdates.
Finally the boy gave us a smile (well fingerless picture), and Kate was so excited about it she's doing a cheer. "Yay, Micah! O-U-T! Take those fingers O-U-T!"
Then Mrs. Ashley had to hold Micah. Micah was looking every which way except at Mommy.
I had to hold Kate who was sleeping.
Finally, Micah fell asleep. He later woke back up.
Only to be tuckered out on the way home.
We had a great time! Can't wait for Micah to see his friend Kate again very soon!

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