Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter post #3

After enjoying a fabulous lunch and wonderful afternoon with Mr. Confident's family, we headed north to spend time with my family for Easter supper. When we got there, my mom had outdone herself as usual! We had ham, dressing with gravy, corn pudding (made by me!), hash brown casserole (made by my sister!), and many other wonderful dishes. The boys enjoyed their Easter baskets from KayKay and Papa (Micah's third of the day!) as well as time playing with each other. Here are some of our pictures from the day. (Thanks, Aunt KerKer for taking the pictures!!)

Easter baskets from the grandparents.

We had an impromptu photo shoot with the boys. It can be rare to get a photo without Micah's fingers in his mouth. This outfit was made by my mom! :)

KayKay purchased this fun tractor for the boys to play with. Ebin's carrying around some presh cargo, huh? Don't worry, we only posed them a whole bunch. There was no movement of the actual tractor by either cousin.

Our first Easter as a family of three.

Uncle Jase, Aunt KerKer, & Ebin

Me & my main man.

The girls pose for a picture.

Hopefully Keren won't kill me for putting this on our blog, but she posted it on facebook. I figured that means it is ok. Ebin is going through a "no picture" phase right now, and he wasn't in the mood to stand and smile. So this was the outcome...

Daddy with Dale, Jason trying to hold Ebin, Christopher laughing with Micah.

Our entire family with Ebin trying to hide from the camera behind Uncle Dale.

My parents

Ebs loves his cars, so KayKay gave him car candy. In true Ebin style, he didn't actually eat the candy. (He doesn't like candy!) He just played with the chocolate cars.

Daddy holding Micah at Easter dinner.

Micah laughing. Kind of. So hard to catch his smiles these days!

Papa with his grandkids and Uncle Dale.

Hugs and kisses for a great Easter Sunday!
But that's not all. More pictures to come in Easter post #4.

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