Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We keep trying. He still hates it.

Well, I think we've figured out why Micah hates tummy time so. I'm going to blame it on his fingers. Little dude would literally suck his fingers off if we let him & if it were physically possible. He just isn't an optimal finger sucking position when he is on his stomach. I mean, it is a lot more work to get those fingers into his mouth when you are using your hands to support yourself.

I like to call this face, "Mama, would you just STOP IT ALREADY. Don't you know I hate this tummy stuff?" At this rate, he'll probably never crawl. I'm being overly dramatic, but I really do wish he'd start liking this already. Or at some point. Maybe not?
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  1. He probably isn't to like it until he figures out how to roll back and forth by himself.