Friday, April 1, 2011

Babies, basketball, & Jesus. Four months.

We love our pediatrician! He came highly recommended from so many family members & friends. I kid you not, the quote of the day from the doctor was, "Hey, a conversation about babies, basketball, and Jesus! What more could you want to talk about?" Basically, we walked in and Dr. O asked us about our brackets for March Madness. That moved into seeing my husband's book which lead to a discussion on theology. After which, we began to talk churches/religion/beliefs as he examined Micah. Our last topic of discussion was Micah & baby development. See? Babies, basketball, & Jesus. Too funny. I'm glad to have a believer as our pediatrician.

So, Micah, what are you up to this month?

Height & Weight

Well, you surprised us at this visit. You weighed 13 lb, 6 oz meaning you maintained your weight. This puts you in the 25% for weight, and we added rice cereal to your diet. Dr. O didn't seem too concerned about this, however we definitely don't want you to lose any weight! You are currently 25 inches long and amazing us every day you grow! You are in the 75% for height meaning you are long & lean like your daddy. Your head circumference is 42 & 1/2 inches which is in the 50%.

Sleep Patterns

Oh, Micah, how you love to sleep. And Mommy loves that you love to sleep. Since you were sleeping so well, we dropped your last 10 pm "dream feed", but Dr. O suggested picking it back up for a while. You can sleep from 7 PM to 7 AM with no problem, though! Such a happy boy! You go down easily without crying, and you are finally napping in your crib. Micah, you are still a booger about the length of your naps. I'm lucky if you sleep a whole hour straight, but I get good sleep at night so I'm not complaining. You've finally started going down for a nap without crying, too! In fact, you get unbearably fussy if you don't have your nap. So apparently, we're doing something right.

Eating Habits

Well, we had spread your feedings out between every 3 & 1/2-4 hours because you weren't crying signaling any hunger. However, since we're trying to watch your weight gain...I'm putting you back on a 3 hour feeding schedule. You also had rice cereal today for the first time! You loved it! We'll be on rice cereal for a week, and then we plan on adding veggies to your diet. I hope you are healthy like your dad and actually like veggies. Crossing my fingers.

Your Accomplishments

Micah, you want to roll over so badly! You keep trying, but you get stuck on that elbow. Currently, you are rolling from you back to your tummy (attempting to), but haven't quite made it. I am sure this will occur at any moment. Here are some cute pictures of you at the doc's office trying to show us your moves:

When it comes to tummy time...well. You are too cool for tummy time. Micah, you love to just chill out or scream. There is no in between, and frankly, there is no exercising. With encouragement, you might lift your head. Usually, you are just content to find your fingers & rest. I mean, who really wants to exercise anyway? You get that from your mama.
Mr. Rooster (as we call him) is your favorite toy, by far. I make sure to take him everywhere with us. He hangs from several links when you sit in your stroller, your carseat, or your play gym. Wherever you go, Mr. Rooster goes.

It has been fascinating to watch you learn how to get a toy directly in your mouth over the past month. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is to see you go from laying there to playing happily with toys!
Recently, you have become obsessed with those fingers of yours. Remember when it was your thumb? I'm not sure what changed this week, but you want your two fingers on your right hand. If you don't have a toy, you are searching for the fingers. See exhibit A:
And Exhibit B:
Mommy is not too happy about this obsession with the fingers, but I guess I'll get over it. Do you know you can also "talk" to us loudly, smile often, squeal with delight on occasion, and laugh. Although your laugh sounds like a cough!! You also have been in the nursery consistently for almost three weeks. The same little old lady holds you each Wednesday & Sunday night at church. She absolutely loves you. You've done great!

Micah, words can't describe just how much we love you. You have blessed us beyond measure!


Mommy & Daddy

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