Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter post #2

After attending the eight o'clock (whew! early!) worship service at our church, we came back where I finished up the resurrection cake. Then we headed down to Mr. Confident's family's house in Mississippi. We enjoyed a luncheon feast of smoked pork shoulder (ala Mr. C himself) and barbeque ribs. That's right! Easter barbeque! We do live near Memphis, after all. Barbeque is always appropriate for any occasion. Micah enjoyed hanging out with his three cousins, aunt, uncle, grandparents, and of course, his mommy & daddy! Mr. Confident's family doesn't really do internet pictures, so I can't show you those. However, we had a few of our family that I thought I'd share from our wonderful time down there with them.

Micah peeks into his Easter basket from his grandparents.

Our little family at my in-laws.

Micah is super excited about his basket from his grandparents!
He says, "What is in there?"

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