Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter post #4. Now you know why it has taken me so long to catch up.

Well, welcome to the final installment of Easter 2011 at Casa Confident. We ate a lot, had multiple Easter egg hunts, and took lots of pictures! Our evening continued with an Easter egg hunt for the boys.

Well, for a boy named Ebin since Micah didn't exactly know what was going on this year. It is crazy to even think that he'll be hunting eggs next year.

On with the pics! (Again, thanks Aunt KerKer for the pictures!)

Ebin goes out for some eggs!

Why must Easter mean embarrassing the young?
It's just more fun that way.

My parents get in on the action of hunting eggs. I think the guys were inside eating or something.

I watch, Micah sucks his fingers.

Ebs wanted to show his cousin an orange egg he found.

KayKay and her grandkids. Surprise! Ebs smiled for us!

Ebin is really into his tractor.

Then he wanted the baby in the back where he proceeded to show Micah eggs. I hope these boys will be the best of friends over the years!

Micah wants to eat the eggs.

Ebin, Micah, & the eggs.

Mommy stops to hold Micah for a bit. Micah stops to suck his fingers.

The Easter eggs must have been scared seeing the giant child come after them.

Aw. Cousins & friends. Micah's going to join in playing with you really soon, Ebin!

Ebin says farewell. And so do we. (At least for Easter, that is.)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!!

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