Saturday, April 2, 2011

A visit with friends.

My husband was much like me during college. He found a group of guys, and he lived with them through most of his years at Mississippi State. (I did the same thing only at Union with the same girls for several years). These guys are in every story he ever tells, and they even all have crazy nicknames of which I'll keep off the blog. =0) Now the boys are all "grown up" with their own families, and they like to visit each other whenever the chance arises. Usually that revolves around Mississippi State football. Or something else Mississippi State related. Derek's brother lives outside of Memphis not too far from us, so after their nephew's birthday party his sweet family came by to meet Micah. It's hard to believe this is the same cute family that had just a two-year old the first time Mr. C brought me around to meet his friends almost eight years ago when we were just dating. Thankfully the wives of the men liked me enough to keep me around. =0) Here are some pictures below from our visit with the M family--now with their three girls.
S holding Micah.

The M family Derek, L, Renee, H, & S and of course, Micah.

I can't get this picture to go the right way, but this is their middle daughter holding Micah.
This was the scene in our house--all the girls taking picture after picture of Micah. It was so cute!
We really enjoyed the visit, Renee & Derek! Hopefully it won't be that long before the next visit!

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