Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I would go back and tell myself if I could.

Today, my friends, was the day that I finally gave in and did what I wanted to do just because I wanted to.

Today, my friends, was the day that I said, "Who cares if you don't know anybody? Meet somebody new!"

Today, my friends, was the day that I finally didn't really care if it was cool or not. Who cares anymore?

Today, my friends, was the day that at age 29 plus 3 I finally found some self confidence that I wish I found millions of years ago. My friend Ellen posted this wonderful blog post on friendships found at our college fourteen years ago. It got me thinking about things I would tell my former eighteen year old self.

Things like:

Be kind to others even when it isn't popular because those "others" are people, too.

Don't worry about any of the boyfriends you are with right now. Mr. Right isn't here even if it seems everybody else has somebody. He's coming, but just not now.

Being single really wasn't as bad as you thought it was. You had your own apartment, your own new car, a closet full of brand new clothes, and all the time in the world to do everything you wanted. You'll never get to be that selfish again.

You have a really beautiful child. So beautiful that all these clothes? These $60-90 haircuts & highlights? You'd give them all up to be with him all the time. Yes, I said you'll be willing to stop shopping!

PS That name Micah that you've liked since high school? Your husband will totally agree with you!

Clothe yourself with friendships that are grounded in Christ. Those friendships will still be around for the long haul.

That zit? It really doesn't matter. Oh, and embrace your curly hair. Stop wasting your life straightening it. You're the only one who really hates it. The rest of the world will compliment you on it. Crazy, but true.

Your husband is at that ridiculously large church that you refuse to set foot in. Yes, go there sooner. Your mother (who said I'd meet a man there) was right after all. But isn't this always true???

Teaching is not what you thought it would be. That is neither a bad nor good statement. There is no preparation for the work you are about to do.

So what exactly did I do today that was so life changing? I walked into a prayer meeting of ladies at a new church full of people I don't even know because I wanted to try the WMU. (You Southern Baptists know all about what I'm saying with the WMU, doncha?)

I took a cake decorating class because I have wanted to since Cake Decorating Club in high school. Since that wasn't a "cool" club to join, I never did it. Tonight, I even made a new friend. A teacher from a nearby school with a one-year-old sitting right next to me. We chatted the whole night!
See, old me? Look at how far you've come!

There are some definite perks of getting old.

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