Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Colorado Vacation, July 6, 2012. Pikes Peak.

 After spending some time in the hot, low valley of Colorado Springs, we decided to venture out to Pikes Peak outside of Manitou Springs, Colorado. You can google some amazing images of Pikes Peak, but unfortunately our day consisted of views mainly like the one above!

It was such a rainy, overcast day that we were literally in the clouds. I've never seen such a sight in my life, and let me tell you driving up a winding road at 14,000 feet where you are in a cloud is no easy task. Thankfully, Mr. C was very excited about his drive in the Civic.

The drive up took us almost an hour or so, and we decided to make the best of it. We figured we could try to wait out the clouds so we had a picnic in our car. It was forty degrees, and as you can see...we didn't dress to impress or for the weather. 

Imagine our surprise when Mr. C got out our chips (standing on the edge of Pikes Peak) to find they had inflated themselves. That's how much pressure change we had on the drive to the summit. 

To be silly, we got out of the car and took pictures of the giant clouds behind us. Here is Micah making his "cheese" face again. I am also sporting my new "Pikes Peak" sweatshirt bought in the gift shop to keep myself warm. At least I had some jeans to change Micah into, but we mainly just browsed the store and ate our food in the car as we tried waiting out the clouds.

I convinced some other hikers to take my picture in front of this sign since Daddy was keeping Micah warm in the car. I also took their picture in return. 

Finally, our wait was not in vain! The clouds did start to part, and we got a peek-a-view of the top of the mountain. Amazing!

 Can you imagine being the guy that first hiked to the top of this??

After a long wait, a picnic lunch in our car, some family pictures, and one extremely active/anxious baby, we started the journey down the mountain.

 The roads were crazy bendy like this.
(Of course I have to share the photo montage I posted to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.)

As we went down, the cloud cover was much better so we got out for some more family photos. Micah was so excited to be out of the car, he is clapping. Also, notice his shoe is missing. We've had a battle of Micah and the Shoe versus Mom. Most of the time, Micah wins while I'm stuck looking for the shoe he has thrown somewhere.

 We took a couple's shot to mark our eighth wedding anniversary (which is actually today! I scheduled these posts for the week).
 My how we have changed in eight years!

I couldn't get over the views from the road, so I snapped iPhone pictures. I mean, look at this! It was quite scary in the cloud cover, but seeing how you might fall off the side of death road was even scarier.   

 I added filters and cropped it in Instagram for this view:

 We continued to meander down the road at a slow pace taking pictures at different scenic points.

We continued to try to document our family at each scenic viewpoint. Some pictures with Micah turned out better than others. He was staring at a dog in this picture. =)

The road continued to look like this and make me a little nauseous. I've never been one who is afraid of heights, but something about this road had me near the point of throwing up. I'm not going to lie. 

I enjoyed using some filters in Instagram to make the above photo look like this:

There is something about riding along in the clouds and gazing over God's creation that almost makes you feel like you are looking in Jesus' face. I know I wasn't really looking at Jesus' face, but I can't imagine what an amazing day that will be when I compare it to gazing upon his magnificent creation. I have to say, I was a little teary, too. 

It was such a great day, and I was glad the cloud cooperated enough to let use have a view of the wonder that is Pikes Peak.

On the drive back to Denver, we saw this awesome example of a plateau. Of course, I made Mr. C pull over to get a picture of it for my class. I just can't wait to teach landforms this semester now! I have some great stuff to show my little second grade buddies. =)

What a wonderful day of seeing God's might creation at Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak.

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