Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Since Colorado...

 Before beginning my blog post, I thought you'd like an insider's view into a toddler's world. Somehow or another while I was unpacking from our trip, Micah got my iPhone. Please ignore my horrid hair, Mr. C's comments about mosquito bites, and just enjoy what I think was hilarious. I don't know how he got to the video, and he hasn't ever done it again. You'll also enjoy him saying "Daddy" and "thank you" although I don't remember what he thanked us for. =)

  On our last day in Colorado, we sat in the airport restaurant eating while Micah (again) played with my iPhone. Here's our very last Colorado picture via Micah. I guess this was his view of the ceiling! Haha!

The trip home was long and arduous. We left our condo at nine in the morning to make the two hour drive back to catch a flight in Denver.

We ran into many, many problems with TSA at the Denver airport. TSA made us disassemble our jogging stroller (not an easy task!) to fit through the x-ray machines. I was given a full body scan as was Mr. C. We had to have all our bags checked. Each item (all under three ounces) was taken out of Micah's diaper bag and scrutinized. They even ran pH tests on some of the liquids! It was awful. It took us forty minutes just to get through security whereas in Nashville, we walked on through easily.

Then rode on a delayed flight to Nashville.

After that, we waited at the airport for thirty minutes for our hotel shuttle to pick us up.

We rode to the hotel, got our car and headed to eat (again).

Then we drove home arriving around ten in the evening. Whew! Long day doesn't even begin to describe it.

So the next morning when I ran to the Walgreens down the street to get a Coke, imagine my surprise to get into a WRECK in the parking lot!

It wasn't too bad of a wreck, but this was my car.
This was her car. I was pulling out of my parking spot, and she hit me.

Now she is lying and saying she was sitting perfectly still. I mean, come on? Would this much damage happen while slowing backing out of a parking space? 

At any rate, they are saying it is all my fault so therefore, I'm ill about it. Lots of liars in this world, I'm afraid. It doesn't help that her boyfriend was a cop, so he probably told her exactly what to say to the insurance companies.
I contemplated cleaning my house, and I have a really hard time with this chore. Therefore, our house stays cluttered a lot. I wish we could all get on board with the pick up after yourself concept, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. Micah likes to help lately, so I'm hoping I can start teaching him to "help" clean up some.

Micah has become obsessed with condiments, especially ketchup. He says, "No" to almost every question I ask him. I finally got a yes this week!! Whoo-hoo! 

Mommy: Micah do you want some more ketchup for your fries?
Micah: Pauses, thinking over his answer choice. Slowly responds, YES!

The he proceeds to smack himself in the head with a hand full of ketchup.
He laughed, I laughed. It was a bit funny! Here's the after result.

Another cute memory of the week (that doesn't go with this picture below) was when Micah finally prayed with me!

I'd say, "God is great."
Micah would say, "God blachahckahs."
I'd say, "God is good."
Micah would say, "God bah cahaha bah."
I'd say, "Let us thank Him for our food."
Micah would say more gibberish.
Then I'd say, "Amen!"
Micah would say, "Amen!"

Precious! He only did it once, but he is starting to say "Amen" more with each meal.

These pictures were captured one morning this week when Micah wasn't quite awake yet after I caught him trying to eat the dog's food. 

These are the faces right after I said, "NO!!"
I think I scared him a little bit, but the thought of him eating dog food really grossed me out.
I went shopping for Micah last night to buy him some school supplies since he starts Mother's Day Out in the fall so his daddy can get some sleep during the day. How cute are these puppy backpacks? Micah loves them, and carries them around the house. He calls them his "puppups" (of course), and points out the "eye", "nose" and "ear" all the time. So cute! I can't believe he is big enough for "school" this fall.
Here's Micah eating his breakfast (right after the dog food scolding), and I've found an awesome way to get him to eat his oatmeal. I put way, way less water/milk into it. Then I roll it into little cookie dough like balls. He can handle them himself, and it is healthy.
Four more days of freedom. I'm going to miss all this Mommy & Micah time.

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