Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family Vacation to Colorado

We are alive, dear readers! I promise. I have neglected my blog, and I know they say don't make excuses. However, there is a good one!

Every time I try to blog from my phone, it won't let me. It says I have too many images in Blogger. I'm currently trying to figure out what that means.

My computer cord got cut in half somehow on the plane trip to Colorado. Yes, that means I couldn't charge my computer! No blogging from my phone, and my computer was out of commission.

Then we decided to just buy an iPad for personal use (happy early anniversary to me!) since my school system is going through massive changes. (Meaning: who knows if I'll still have access to our only laptop this time next year.) We buy the iPad thinking it is the perfect solution to our picture problems (as I am the family historian and keeper of the photo backups) only to not have Internet available in our condo. It didn't get fixed until the day before we left.

Also, we had a little on end up in an emergency room in Colorado. Um, yes. So you see there will be plenty of blog posts and stories to come. For now, I'm seeing if I can upload this picture above as a sneak peek to everything.

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