Thursday, July 19, 2012

Colorado Vacation. July 8, 2012. Blue River Walk, Silverthorne, Colorado.

Thankfully, the rain cleared out and we were able to hit up Silverthorne, Colorado, which was about 10 miles from our condo. We had decided to stick closer to home for the rest of the week with the weary baby who had traveled in a car seat, plane, and stroller for so many days. At the visitor center, we had a kind lady tell us about the fifty-five miles of paved bike paths that are also used by families. Each path went from town to town so you could walk from Keystone to Breckinridge or Silverthorne to Frisco or Keystone to Dillon, etc. The paths were seemingly endless, and it seemed like a fun thing to explore while up there. With the recommendation to take the Blue River Path, we set off on a three mile trek which actually turned into six miles. It wasn't a loop! (Which we were led to believe. Next time, I'm looking at the map.) At any rate, it was a beautiful six miles (mostly) along the Blue River.

We meandered off the trail somehow to a dirt path behind some private property. Signs were posted asking for bikes not to use the trail but giving permission to hikers. I think this is another way our trek ended up taking six miles!

Here's a picture of the sign post so we could remember our location.

Our family on one of the bridges that crossed the water along our six mile hike!
Picture number 2
The views were amazing that day, and we went earlier in the morning. It seemed that rain showers would come in the afternoon, but the earlier we got out for the day the better the weather was for our hikes.
I took some time to relax and cool off in the mountain river water. It was really, really cold!! I'm also showing off my new trail shoes. You can get them wet, but they walk like tennis shoes with an amazing grip on rocks for climbing. L.o.v.e. these shoes.

Micah wanted to get in the water, too, but I was a little apprehensive of that, so it didn't happen until the end of the week.

Daddy resting with Micah under the shade tree water side.

Yes, another bridge picture. Let me just tell you that despite our six mile walk, it was so relaxing to be next to the sound of running water. This was also the day that I got ridiculously sunburned.

Daddy with his trail shoes, stroller, baby, and our backpack with essentials. He was quite the human pack mule during the week with whatever didn't fit in the stroller basket at the bottom.

This town sure loved its scenic bridges that went across the Blue River.

All in all it was a wonderful morning full of memories.

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