Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fourth of July 2012.

This year we went to fireworks early for the Fourth of July simply because we left for vacation on the actual July 4. This was partially done as a conspiracy with some of my husband's vacation days. We try to take vacations on days he'd already have off from work so we get a "free" day and extra time as a family. 

Our church has a fireworks display in the neighboring town the weekend before, so we opted to enjoy those fireworks as a family with our Sunday school class.
There was a lot of room for Micah to run around, and thankfully I had the idea to buy a ball at the Walgreens on the way.
We laughed because all of our friends' little girls just loved playing with Micah. He was quite the ladies' man which I am not sure how I feel about that. =)
Taylor (my friend Amy's daughter who was helping me with the running training for the 5k) playing with Micah.
Micah being chased by Molly, my friend Heather's daughter.
Me & Ally, the daughter of my longtime Union/teacher friend, Becky. (Our dads are even minister friends in various Southern Baptist circles. I've known her a long time. Can't believe Ally is going into third grade!)

So apparently, the longer life goes on and the more humid it is outside, it seems Micah has most definitely inhereted his mother's curls. Bless him.

Taylor playing with Micah. She was so cute with him! Like a little mom! =)
Mrs. Amy made red, white, and blue cupcakes with Micah snagged. I'm sorry if he invited himself.
He surely did enjoy them, though!
He also enjoyed taking his friend Molly's little chair to sit in a lot that night.

 In the end, all the heat and wait was worth it when we got to see this:

Micah stared in awe at the fireworks, and he kept saying, "Oh, wow! Wow! Look! Look!"
It was an awesome Fourth of July.
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