Thursday, July 5, 2012

Micah's first flight and the spider bite.

When we drove up to Nashville on Wednesday night, we noticed Micah was trying to scratch his leg through his jeans. He had what appeared to be a small mosquito bite on the back of his leg. In Nashville, we stopped off at Target to buy some antibiotic cream and some Benadryl cream. I put it on his bite, and we attempted to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up to this on his leg.

I freaked out and called my mom at six in the morning panicking. I also panicked on some precious friends who are doctors sending them texts with this picture.

My doctor friend assured me he would be fine to board the plane, but to watch it for a couple of days. He told us to take him to a minor med in Denver if things didn't improve. Our doctor friend and my mom both seemed to think it looked like a spider bite instead of a mosquito bite. However, Micah was acting normal, and we opted to board our flight.

Little Man had a hearty breakfast of oatmeal (from Wendy's who knew?) while Daddy ate Starbucks. We waited patiently to board our flight with absolutely no problems boarding our flight, going through security, or getting to the airport via the hotel shuttle.

After we were up in the air and Micah had watched a little Bob the Builder, he was out cold for the rest of the two hour flight in my lap.

Little did we know, the spider bite would make a return visit later in the week which did require an ER visit. Thankfully, all is ok now, but it was a scary week far from home!

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