Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Colorado Vacation July 7-8, 2012. Ikea and Keystone, Colorado..

 We left out July 7 to head to our "final" destination of the trip. At the last minute, I booked a condo in Keystone, Colorado. I highly recommend using Nic's condo if you ever need a place to stay outside of Denver. We had a wonderful visit, his prices couldn't be beat, and he was easy to work with and quick to respond to any questions. However, before we left for Keystone, I had to take a trip to Ikea. I'd never been in an Ikea before, but I've had dreams about it. Mr. C laughed that our vacation included this trip, but he obliged. We ate lunch there, and it was cheap. The whole place was amazing, but since we ended up buying an iPad for our pictures so I was on purchase restriction. =)

After a couple of hours browsing in my dream store (please, Ikea, build a store in Tennessee!), we headed out to Keystone, Colorado. It's a ski resort located about an hour and a half to two hours northwest of Denver. A lot of people thought we were crazy going to a ski resort in the summer, but let me tell you--there was tons to do! We had the village almost to ourselves with plenty of hiking easily available. It had to be the most family friendly place we ventured to.

Micah had fun playing with his moose in the blinds at the condo.
Then he decided it was time to give Mr. Moose a ride in the stroller.

That afternoon, we set out to explore the surrounding areas of Breckinridge, Dillon, Silverthorne, and Frisco.

We found Lake Dillion which would be the backdrop for the rest of our week and our many hikes.

The sun was starting to set with some incredible views, so we decided to start our first hike! 

It provided a wonderful backdrop for some amazing family pictures.

We enjoyed a leisurely walk along Lake Dillon for about three miles, and just relaxed in the awesome view. Daddy with Micah looking at the water.

Micah had fun getting out of the car, out of his stroller, and exploring his surroundings. Daddy turned it into an impromptu photoshoot. You have been warned.

Love this one!

As you can see, my husband loves to take pictures almost more than I do!

I can't let the photographer off the hook, though. I love this picture of him playing with Micah. I'm blessed to have such a sweet Daddy for my child.

 We explored the local park (pic taken on my iPhone).

Our family took time to smell the roses, er, I mean wildflowers. 

Micah enjoyed the child sized stop sign.

All this time, I was mainly walking trying to get my exercise in while Daddy & Micah played picture time. Pictures turned into hill rolling. I mean, what child doesn't want to roll down a hill?

Of course, there is always the risk of falling down when you are rolling on hills.

All boys like a good pile of dirt and rocks.

My favorite of the night was watching the sailboats on the lake in the cool sixty five degree weather.

Micah made a new friend.

More sailboats!

After our first (of many) trip to the park, we decided to take a scenic road up to Loveless Pass where C shot these photos of the sunset.

 I shot my own version including the side of the mountain top looking directly into Jesus' eye. Well, it felt that way!

It was a laid back day with shopping, park visits, walks along a lake, and playing in the dirt. Sounds like an awesome vacation to me!


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