Thursday, July 26, 2012


 On Tuesday night, my sister had to go to a wedding shower for her niece who is getting married the first weekend in August. It was the lingerie shower, so definitely not appropriate for little boys to be there. Haha! She called me and asked if I minded Ebin coming over for a little while.
 I told her I didn't, but his dinner was on her since we hadn't yet grocery shopped. (We've been holding out all week waiting for me to go back to work so we didn't eat up all our food. Plus, I've actually had plans every night this week. Go figure.)
 The boys enjoyed playing together, and boy did they play! Lots of loud, loud truck racing in our teeny, tiny living room, around the corner and down the teeny, tiny hallway. They also played with Micah's Lightening McQueen car, and had their first "fight" about something. Ebin took a truck away from Micah, and it was the first time he actually protested instead of just going to get another truck. (His protest including crying, pointing to Ebin and the truck, shaking his finger at Ebin, then saying, "Mama!" repeatedly. It was kind of cute.)

After a while, I had the boys sit down to watch some Netflix. This was around eight in the evening which is well past Micah's bedtime. They enjoyed some Curious George and Veggie Tales. Here we were cuddled up on the couch watching it together, and Mr. C snapped a pic.

#1 I have double chin issues in pictures thanks to my no neck. I'm not that fat.
#2 I can't ever remember to move my neck up appropriately.
#3 I hadn't washed my hair this day because I was cleaning all day, and I technically hate the picture of me. The boys are cute, though.
It was a fun evening! Micah gets to go visit Ebin again tonight since I'm going to supper club. Isn't it nice to have sisters who only live five minutes away? =)

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