Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The first day of family vacation.

The first "day" of family vacation was actually an evening. We left Memphis to drive to Nashville in order to catch a flight to Denver, Colorado.

Yes, we drove to Nashville to catch a plane when there is an airport right here.


It was so much cheaper. I mean, it was ridiculously cheaper.

We also couldn't find a direct flight from Memphis to Denver. Mr. C and I had no desire to be stuck in airports for hours on end with a toddler. In the end, we thought it was best to drive up the night before to Nashville for a direct flight, spend the night, take a hotel shuttle to the airport, and fly out early the next morning when Micah was happy from a full night's sleep.

Only, the airport hotel gave away our porta-crib even though I had called two hours before to check on it. I was even told it was being taken to my room.

Um, they gave it away.

Which lead to Micah in bed with Daddy, and Mommy in her own bed. Which lead to Micah in bed with Mommy, and Daddy in his own bed. Which lead to us all trying to be in the same bed. Which lead to Micah being up all.stinking.night.long.

So much for some restful child on the plane! Neither parent got any sleep, and I'm not going to get into your sleep habits. That is your own personal opinion with your child. However, I don't think I could ever sleep with a baby in bed with me. It was a horrid experience.

In the end, Micah fell into a deep sleep on the flight, so I guess there was an upside to the hotel's mistake.

(In case you were wondering, we didn't bring his pack-n-play with us because we shipped it to Colorado. My husband works for a shipping company which gave us an incredible discount. We could ship the pack-n-play to Colorado for $8 versus paying outrageous bag fees on the flight to get the pack-n-play there.)

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